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The Early Years

A DJ Is Born

Once upon a time, in a far away land filled with strip malls and big hair, there lived a little girl. The land was called "Longuyland" and the little girl was known as "Missy."

Missy dreamed she would one day grow up and become a famous drummer in a rock band (like a female Keith Moon, only alive and without a drug problem). However, when Missy started school she met an evil, calorically challenged, sexist pig music teacher, who told her drums were for boys, and forced her to play the clarinet and join chorus. With a lip full of splinters and a broken heart, Missy practiced the clarinet and sang. Until one day, in an ugly cafeteria incident, which she is still in therapy for, it was brought to Missy's attention that she couldn't carry a tune, and the clarinet case she carried was "geeky." Dejected, rejected, and with pieces of cheese sticks in her pig-tailed hair she wondered, "How, oh how, will I ever be on the radio and get backstage at concerts if I'm not in a band?"

Then one day a fairy godmother appeared, disguised as the head of the school audio/visual squad, and told Missy there was an opening for a "morning announcement" person. The person who took this job would be in charge of making important announcements, like assemblies, plus get out of homeroom. Missy knew, deep down, this was her destiny. After a few more years of microphone practice, thanks to a drive through window at a local quality fast food establishment, which did not serve cheese sticks, DJ Melissa was born.